Standard turnaround print time is 2 weeks starting the next business day after we have received finalized art work, mockup approval, as well as your payment (times may be longer depending on workload). Please ask for our current production times, as this is subject to change based on work load.

Please note the turnaround time does not include ship time. Some types of prints may take longer, such as full color process and oversized prints. Please note we are not open on national holidays and these days will add to the turnaround time of your order.

We do our best to keep our turnaround time as quick as possible, however if you NEED your garments by a certain deadline, let us know up front prior to your order, and we can see if it will be possible — rush fees may apply.

Please Note: Ordering multiple designs at one time, adding inside tagging, specialty inks and/or individual packaging services will add to our standard turn time.



Standard turnaround print time during the holiday months (October - December) is 2-3 weeks starting the next business day after we have received finalized art work, mockup approval, as well as your deposit (times may be longer depending on workload). 



Due to COVID-19 there are sometimes shipping delays with our distributors and suppliers (as well as the possibility of shipping delays with your order). We do our very best to keep to our standard turnaround times and will keep in close contact with you, should any delays occur. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate our way through this together.



Direct to Garment (DTG): 10 pieces

Screen Print: 25 pieces



We require 100% payment before we begin. Once your order is placed and payment is received, we will create and provide you with a digital mockup for approval. Your order will not move into production until you have approved your digital mockup.



In order to guarantee the highest quality print, washability and finished product that we can stand behind, completed on time - we supply ALL blank garments for ALL Direct to Garment. We do NOT print DTG on apparel provided by the customer, no exceptions. 

Customer may supply their own garments for Screen Print services only, which will be subject to a fee per piece - this fee is depending on the order quantity. Blank garments provided by the customer Must be New/Unused garments, and approved first.

There may be special requirements for certain materials such as Spandex, Polyester, Blends, etc. We will let you know any extra costs that may be associated with such fabrics.



In City Prints can either create a custom design for you or recreate a design you provide. Our art charge is $80 per hour billed at ½ hour increments. If you provide your own art, charges can apply depending on how usable the art is you are providing. 

Art charges will be incurred if artwork needs to be touched up, reconstructed, color separated or manipulated in any way.

To avoid any art charges the file you provide must meet the following criteria: The design must be either vector art or a high-resolution raster file which has been color separated. 

Vector art means the design was built (actually drawn) in a vector-based program such as Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw or Freehand. Each object in a vector file can be selected and individually manipulated independently from the rest of the images in the design. 



Inspiration is all around us - but there’s a line between being inspired by another's work and plagiarizing it. That line is called copyright infringement. If we are creating a logo/design for you, we may have you sign an artwork originality document. 



Acceptable formats for vector files are “.AI”, “.EPS” and “.PDF”(high resolution PDF only).  It is very important when saving a vector file to convert the text to “outlines” or “curves” depending on the program. This is an option in vector-based programs that changes the fonts used in the design into an object. This way if we don’t have a specific font installed on our computer, which is used in your design, our computer won’t substitute it for a font we do have. 

Raster art or photo realistic art is art that is scanned into or created in a Pixel based program such as Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks or Photopaint. The quality of raster art is dictated by a combination of the resolution (DPI-dot per inch) and the size of the art. The minimum requirement for raster art is 200 DPI at the size you want the art to be printed. An example for a front print on a t-shirt may be 12” wide by 8” tall at 200 DPI. 

Please be aware that most images downloaded from the internet are 72 DPI at only a few inches in size. The image may look fine on your monitor but will not print well.

Avoid sending art placed in programs such as Word, Powerpoint or Quark Express. 

Art charges will be incurred if artwork needs to be touched up, reconstructed, color separated or manipulated in any way.

**Artwork Disclaimer

In City Prints retains all rights to ORIGINAL artwork created in-house. This includes all digital files and color separated films. In City Prints assumes no responsibility for determining who does or does not hold a claim to a trademark/logo.



For each order In City Prints will submit a digitized proof for customer approval. It is the customer’s responsibility to verify that all of the information on the proof is correct. This includes checking for any SPELLING, GRAMMAR, PLACEMENT, PRINT COLORS, DESIGN ERRORS, etc. Each customer will be required to sign off on finalized price quote and digit mock up. If an error is found after your order has been approved and printed, In City Prints will not be held liable for the cost associated with reprinting the order. We assume no liability for errors in designs approved by the customer.



If you do Not call out a Pantone color/colors, we will mix our inks to match our Pantone book as closely as possible. The printed color can vary depending on fabric material, weave and color density. If you've had your logo/design previously printed with a different printer, there is no guarantee the ink colors with be identical. We get as close as we can.



A shirt has been in many forms before it reaches our shop. It starts as thread, which in itself has many variances of thickness, hand, and sheen. The thread is woven, which will greatly affect the weight, surface area, drape, stretch, and overall softness of the garment. These processes create a fabric that will move with you, form around your body, and stretch with your movement.

We reproduce artwork on this stretching, changing, bending, conforming canvas. The reality of this is that your prints may have a very slight variance of placement or some very slight stretching of the design. This slight stretch of the art may be more apparent when printing large circles, large rectangles, or large perfect squares and is nearly impossible to avoid. These are the realities of printing on such a moving, shifting, stretching substrate - but as always, we do our very very best every day to make your shirts look awesome!



It is the customer’s responsibility to provide details in regard to print placement and size. If no details are provided In City Prints will print in standard locations (ex: Chest Print, Print to start 2’’-3’’ inches below collar). The best way to gauge your print size is to lay a shirt (in the sizes you wish to have printed) flat and use a ruler to measure out the print area. Please keep in mind the scale of the print will vary on different sized garments and all items of an order will be printed with the same set of screens, unless a resize is ordered.



There is a human element involved in screen printing. As much as we try to automate there is still going to put someone constructing t-shirts by hand and loading them on the press by hand. Due to this, we cannot be held liable for printing placements less than a 1/4” in variance. We do use a laser alignment system to guide our printers into where the image should be, however, shifts in the image up to a 1/4″ are going to occur. We do our best to load the shirts for optimal placement in accordance to the proof.



Due to the wide variety of brands, styles, colors, and sizes, In City Prints does not stock blank garments. From time to time the manufacture may be out of stock on ordered items. In City Prints will not be held liable for delays due to manufacture out of stocks or discontinued items. In these cases the customer will be notified immediately and provided with other options.



We cannot be held responsible for garment inconsistencies related to size, shade, or construction. We suggest ordering extra garments to account for such defects.



    Printing over zippers and seams will never produce a ‘perfect’ print. Returns and reprints will not be issued for these services, however you are welcome to schedule a “Press Check.”



    Discharge and Water Based prints work best on 100% cotton garments. Due to the inconsistent nature of discharge printing, In City Prints will not be liable for minor inconsistencies found in the print and will not issue refunds for this service. It is hard to create an exact Pantone match with Discharge, though we can get close. Also, there is more spoilage since some shirts won’t discharge out as well as others. If you prefer this method of printing, either be open to a small percentage of variance, or have extras ordered.



    In the event that an order is cancelled by a customer the refund will be based on the status of the order. Depending order status, the customer may have to pay a restocking fee or for the garments themselves. If the order is already completed, no refund will be issued.



    We are very fortunate to be able to work with some really great customers and companies. But every once in a while, we will have a potential customer who is rude or inappropriate. We reserve the right to not accept your order if you are unpleasant to work with!



    At In City Prints we stand behind our work. We do not offer refunds on any order, but will reprint the order to the correct specs if a mistake has been found. If upon receiving your order you find that something is incorrect, you must notify us within 72 hours of the delivery of your product. Once we are notified, we will do everything we can to take care of any issues in a timely manner. If it is determined that you need to return products to In City Prints for inspection or to be reprinted, the product must be returned within 2 business weeks of the stated claim. If you have contacted us to make a return and we have agreed to cover the shipping costs, all items must be shipped using ground ship methods from UPS or FedEx— any other methods of shipping (3 day ship, 2nd day air, next day air, next day saver) will not be covered. If items are returned after this timeframe, the shipment will be denied and the package will be sent back to you unless prior arrangements have been made.