We offer an in depth consultation to help you understand the ins and outs of the apparel printing process. We can help answer all your questions and offer professional feedback on design and printing techniques.


Our in-house graphic designer has the screen-printing and shirt design experience to ensure that each and every customer’s vision is realized with the final product. This process may take a little longer but you are getting 100% original artwork – now let’s bring that napkin drawing to life!


Our Pantone color matching system is an excellent way for clients to communicate their colors choices to the graphic artist, and vice-versa. For instance, you tell us you want your design to be printed in ‘blue’ ink. In your mind you may be thinking of an aqua blue, but in ours we may be thinking a royal blue. With Pantone you can simply say: “I want Blue 305C” and we will know EXACTLY what blue you want!


If you need some assistance sizing your graphic we can help! We will size your graphic to the smallest shirt ensuring it looks good on all your t-shirt sizes. Keep in mind as the shirt size gets larger your graphic will look smaller. We will confirm and approval all sizing and placement with you before your order goes into production.


Screen Print is the most economical way of printing for large production runs, and is the standard used worldwide when printing bulk orders. Our equipment combined with expert staff and relentless passion for our craft affords us the ability to deliver second to none screen printed garments with great efficiency and reasonable prices.


Embroidery is the best method to decorate certain garments such as hats, outerwear, patches, and heavy fleece. Embroidery is a long lasting, highly detailed decoration style – and it gives your logo a 3D pop. We work with the best digitizers in the industry to take your art/design and transform it into a file that we will use to create professional long lasting items using state-of-the-art equipment.


Also known as "DTG" printing offers customers an economical way to satisfy the need for small production runs or even one-off’s that consist of many colors or intricate designs. With the use of environmentally friendly water-based textile inks, the only limit to our DTG printing services is your imagination.


Vinyl is a great choice for small and one-off orders. Simple graphics work best with vinyl, think text based pieces, or basic shapes. Need numbers for your hockey team’s jerseys? Perfect! It’s also quick which allows us to act fast when there’s a need for a rush order. In order to customize even further, there are very different kinds of Vinyl which allow us to switch up the look, feel and breathability of the print.


ICP Fulfillment allows our customers to provide and sell high quality t-shirts, sweatshirts and other promotional apparel through their very own online store. Our fulfillment service is meant for those of you who don’t have the space, the means or the desire to run a fully-functional distribution center. We print. We bag-and-tag. We take orders. We collect payment. We ship. You do what you do best.