Build Your Brand. We'll Do the Rest.

ICP Fulfillment allows our customers to provide and sell high quality
t-shirts, sweatshirts and other promotional apparel through their
very own online store. Our fulfillment service is meant for those
of you who don’t have the space, the means or the desire to run
a fully-functional distribution center.


How it Works


Step one

You place your shirt order with In City Prints


Step two

We print your shirts and stock your inventory


Step three

We connect your website to your new ICP online store


Step four

Your shirts are shipped as soon as orders come in

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Spend time selling rather than shipping. We build your ICP partner store, house, package and ship all of your orders.

Whether its a single t-shirt or a bulk order, we’ll get your customers their orders quickly and correctly.

We print. We bag-and-tag. We take orders. We collect payment. We ship. You do what you do best.

Your Personal Fulfillment Team

Save Time & Effort
Put your effort where it matters most by letting us pack and ship your orders for you.

Save Money
We pass on our bulk shipping & packaging discounts to you so you can save on your inventory.

Simplify Delivery
Over 95% of our shipments ship within 24 hours, meaning no delays and always happy customers.

Sell More
Online stores make your organization more professional - and extend its reach.
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Ready to Get Started?

We've got everything you’ll need to start filling orders fast, efficiently and effectively. Contact our team today so we can help you sell online!