ICP Fulfillment FAQs

How does ICP Fufillment work?

Step 1: You place your bulk order(s) with us. 

Step 2: We print your order, bringing your shirts to life. 

Step 3: We create an e-commerce store platform for your apparel - housed on our ICP website.

Step 4: We create a custom link for your store that hooks up to your website/apparel items. 

Step 5: We stock your inventory at our warehouse. 

Step 6: We ship out your orders as soon as they are placed by your customers.

Do I have to be an In City Prints customer to use ICP fulfillment?

Yes. We do ask that, to enroll in our ICP Fulfillment service, you are printing garments/products with us.

What is the Fulfillment Minimum requirment?

Our initial minimum order reqirment is 50 items. Then, 25 item minimum for restock orders (per design). If your inventory (per design) gets down to 25 items, we will notify you that it's time to restock your inventory. This ensures that you will not run low on inventory and your customers will always receive their orders on time.

How do I get my sales profits?

All ICP Fulfillment store sales reports and profits are distributed on Friday afternoon of each week. Currently you must have a Paypal account for us to send your funds to.

Is ICP Fulfillment a 'print-on-demand' service?

No. Our fulfillment service does not include 'print-on-demand.' Apparel is ordered in bulk, then your inventory is stored and shipped safely at ICP Headquarters. You sell your shirts, and let us worry about the printing, storage, packing, and shipping. 

Can items be fulfilled that are not printed by In City Prints?

At this time we only ship garments/products that we have printed, in house.

Does fulfillment ship internationally?

Due to shipping delays with all carriers as a result of Covid-19, we are currently only offering shipping within the U.S. and Canada for the time being.

What does the packaging look like?

Our standard packaging for your items is a non-branded beige or gray 100% recyclable poly mailer, or a 100% recyclable/compostable brown cardboard box.

Can I provide my own custom packaging?

Yes! If you’d like to provide your own custom-branded packaging for us to send your items in, you’re more than welcome to do so. Simply send them to us and we’ll ship all of your apparel out in style.

How long does it take for my items to ship?

We guarantee all orders will ship with in 2-3 business days, however 95% of items are shipped within 24 hours of receiving the order.

How long does set up take?

Set up for ICP Fulfillment takes approx 5-7 business days. During this time we’ll print/store your inventory and create your online storefront so that we’re ready to take your online orders as soon as they come in. (Any embroidered apparel will take approx 10-13 business days to print and store).

I have a custom request, is there someone I can speak to to ask?

You bet! If you have a unique request you’d like to make regarding fulfillment, let us know. Our ICP Fulfillment program is an added service we provide our awesome customers, and we’re ready to work with you so you get exactly what you’re looking for. Just email us at info@incityprints.com and we'll get you taken care of.