eco friendly printing

Eco Conscious. Socially Responsible.

Feel good about what you wear, while saving the planet one t-shirt
at a time. Choose from our selection of apparel made from organic cotton,
recycled plastic bottles, and eco-friendly materials like hemp or bamboo.
Like you, we believe it's our responsibility to start making a positive impact
on the environment - let's do it together!

Our on-going mission of doing business sustainably and responsibly

We’ve been proud to continue to provide more and more sustainable products to our customers. Sustainability is not just an item on a checklist - it’s an ongoing process of identifying the impacts of a business and working to address them. As an Eco-Conscious screen print company, we strive each day to become an industry leader in not only how we decorate apparel, but also in cutting down on our negative environmental impact on the Earth.
  • Premium Quality Apparel & Ink
  • Eco Responsible, Ethically Produced
  • USA Strong W.R.A.P. Certified Facilities
  • Water-Based & Plant-Based Inks

Our Materials & Production

Sustainable Materials

Choose from a variety of eco-friendly and sustainable natural fibers such as organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and fair trade materials made from recycled bottles.

Sustainable Inks

Have your new designs printed with water-based and plant-based inks which are comprised of a 100% water-based, solvent free, environmentally friendly formula.

Ethical Production

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and maintaining a zero-waste mindset in not only decoration, but in all areas of our production.

Build Your Brand. We'll Do the Rest.

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Spend time selling rather than shipping. We build your ICP partner store, house, package and ship all of your new sustainable apparel.

Customer Gifts
Whether its a single t-shirt or a bulk order, we’ll get your customers their orders quickly and correctly.

We print. We bag-and-tag. We take orders. We collect payment. We ship. You do what you do best.

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