March 24, 2021


By In City Prints

Think about your favorite sports team. How would you feel if one day, they all took the field to play with everyone wearing different outfits? Jeans, t-shirts, sweatpants, maybe a hoodie or two, all different colors. Even worse, the opposing team did the same thing. How would you tell them apart?

Which is all to say, uniforms are important.

Whether on a sports team or a corporate division, whether in person or via another Zoom meeting, team uniforms serve a valuable purpose in our culture and how we see one another.

A cohesive uniform look can promote your brand to customers and partners at other organizations, while also promoting equality and loyalty among colleagues. A well-crafted uniform can make or break sales performance too, as a team uniform can be the difference between looking disorganized and disjointed or professional and put together to a potential client.

This applies to everyone from the waitstaff at your local restaurant to a sales staff at a large corporation to doctors and nurses at a hospital. In any professional context, we have come to expect and even depend on a unified look in what people wear while at work. Even in the last year, as many standards relaxed, “on-camera” looks focused on making sure team members were still recognizably part of the team.

It’s with this trend in mind that we have introduced new uniforming options from Port Authority® and Sport-Tek®.

Starting with the ReactTM Polo — built to last on the front lines, resistant to stains and snags alike while maintaining a professional look with SuperProTM technology. The City Stretch Polo and Ladies Top include a hint of spandex for extra comfort.

Add a layer of professionalism and comfort to your uniforming options with the Flex Full-Zip and 1/4-Zip Fleece from Sport-Tek®. These feature a trend-right style and a moisture-wicking tri-blend that feels like cotton.

These exceptional styles are just a few of the new options available to help you address both front-line workers and work-from-home flexibility for a team uniform. When your team steps out on the field, they’ll look the part.