November 23, 2021

Green Friday - Shutting Down for the Day!

By In City Prints
Green Friday - Shutting Down for the Day!

Sometimes the best way to change a habit, like Black Friday shopping, is to redirect. Create a new Green Friday tradition that pays respect to people and the environment, as opposed to participating in overconsumption on traditional Black Friday and Cyber Monday

"To us - Black Friday no longer feels like a people or planet friendly event." -ICP

So this Black Friday, ICP will observe Green Friday by closing our doors as well as our online retail store.

Our retail sales pricing will remain consistent throughout the holiday season, so there's no need to jump in your car and rush down to our brick & mortar store - or stay up until midnight in order to get a jump on your internet purchases. 


Enjoy the holidays.

Help protect the planet.


All You Need is Less

With over 50 million tons of electronic waste generated every year and 10,000 clothing items ending up in the landfill every five minutes due to fast fashion, saying that we have a problem feels like an understatement. The upward trend in Black Friday sales with each passing year has been feeding our waste and overconsumption challenges. These daunting stats are bound to increase if consumers and brands don’t take a stand against consumerist holidays like Black Friday.

Hyper-consumerism remains one of the biggest threats to the planet, and we know that an urgent change in how humans produce and consume products is required. The UN communicated that “according to latest projections, the global population could grow to around 8.5 billion in 2030, 9.7 billion in 2050. The equivalent of almost three planets could be required to provide the natural resources needed to sustain current lifestyles.” (

Black Friday is followed by Cyber Monday, then followed by holiday sales, so the call to spend more is never-ending. This means that although the urge for something new may be high, it also comes at a cost for the planet, and taking a stand can start with something as simple as joining the movement to not buy anything at all this Friday and Monday.


Give the Gift of Giving 

Break tradition, not the Planet! 

As a member of 1% For the Planet, we donate a minimum of one percent of our retail line revenue (not profits) to approved environmental non-profit organizations, in order to support the work they do to help the planet and all its inhabitants.

Instead of shopping Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year, we're encouraging our customers to #buynothing and instead give the #giftofgiving to 1% For the Planet - or your favorite humanitarian/environmental non-profit!